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When you think of Kim Kardashian a few things probably pop into your mind the biggest celebrity in reality television and one of the biggest Beauty moguls the biggest but but there are a lot of other things that you probably didn’t know about the Armenian beauty

Kim and Kourtney’s first appearance on reality television was on a show called The Princess of Malibu on Fox

  • Kim attended the same preschool as Paris Hilton and the pair were good friends growing up.
Kim Kardashian 12
  • She wanted to be a teacher when she was growing up.
Kim Kardashian 13
  • Before she was famous, Kim was a stylist for Lindsay Lohan and Brandy.
Kim Kardashian 7
  • According to Kim, Kim’s deceased father regularly contacts her through her dreams.
Kim Kardashian 4
  • In a list of the ‘Top 10 Celebrity Playboy Bunnies,’ Kim Kardashian who posed Playboy in December 2007, came in third, behind Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson.
Kim Kardashian 6
  • Don’t believe everything she tweets about. Kim has been paid $25,000 to tweet about a brand.
Kim Kardashian 9
  • Kim Kardashian was married as a teenager when she was just 19 years old to music producer Damon Thomas in 2000 she was married for three years before they divorced.
Kim Kardashian 11
  • Her 14th birthday was held at none other than Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch.
Kim Kardashian 10
  • Kim likes to blow dry her jewelry before putting it on to keep it from being cold.
Kim Kardashian 3
  • In 2008, Kim was the most googled celebrity, beating Britney Spears who had previously held the title for four years.
Kim Kardashian 8
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