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Monica Bellucci has made several cinematic appearances she is well recognized for her work in the television series Platinum Mozart in the Jungle and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in addition to the movies The Wonders

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Specter these facts about the actress May pique your curiosity if you’ve enjoyed seeing her in all of these roles and want to discover more about how successful her career has been

NO 1. Begins modeling at a young age when Bellucci was just 13 years old she started modeling she achieved this by posing for pictures beside a nearby photographer the actress was born and raised in San Justino’s llama and from an early age she was the center of attention due to her breathtaking Beauty

Monica Bellucci 3

NO 2. Known as an Italian sex symbol people all over the world now regard her as an Italian sex icon she was listed among the Top 100 Sexiest Women of all time by Men’s Health she received the title of most beautiful lady in the world in 2002.

Monica Bellucci 6

NO 3. Starred in biblical drama films Bellucci played Mary Magdalene in aBiblical drama movie she made one of her best performances ever in the movie The Passion of the Christ one of her first important assignments after beginning her acting career was this one

Monica Bellucci 13

NO 4. An agnostic although Bellucci is an atheist she expressed interest in and respect for all religions when speaking about her part in a Biblical drama movie

Monica Bellucci 12

NO 5. Speak three languages along with Italian the actress is also fluent in two additional languages speaks English and French extremely well as a result of being hired for roles in American French and Italian movies she was able to advance professionally

Monica Bellucci 10

NO 6. Married and divorced twice a beautiful woman like Monica Bellucci would seem to be taken forever but that hasn’t always been the case in her romantic relationships she went through two marriages and two divorces

Monica Bellucci 9

NO 7. Oldest girl in the James Bond franchise in 2015 Monica Bellucci made an appearance in the James Bond movie specter she was already 51 years old when she started filming for this project she is the oldest girl in the James Bond series as a result

Monica Bellucci 7

NO 8. Post semi-nude for Vanity Fair cover in 2005 Monica Bellucci posed for the Vanity Fair cover while partially clothed she was expecting a child at the time which is the most intriguing aspect

Monica Bellucci 14

NO 9. In 2004, while pregnant with her daughter Deva, she posed nude for the Italian cover of Vanity Fair in protest against the Italian laws that opposed in vitro fertilisation

Monica Bellucci 1

NO 10. In 1991, she made her film debut in La Riffa, playing a role Italian director Francesco Laudadio offered her.

Monica Bellucci 2

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