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Kendall Jenner Boyfriend Complete Dating History

Jenner was first spotted on a dinner date with Harry Styles in January 2014. While the duo was believed to have called it quits soon after, they briefly sparked reconciliation rumors in December 2015 when they were photographed getting cozy aboard a yacht in Anguilla.

So Here is the list of Kendall Jenner all ex-Boyfriend

Brian Nassef (2012-2013)

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Brian Nassef is an Instagram influencer his father was a Hollywood talent agent Kendall Jenner was rumored to be dating Ryan NASA in early 2012. at the time Kendall was not very famous therefore not much is known about the pair but fans claim that they dated for a few months later media sources claimed that they were just friends

Julian brooks (2012-2013)

Kendall Jenner Julian Brooks dating

Julian brooks is an academic scholar Kendall Jenner and Julian studied in the same high school they’re the pair hooked up for a year in 2012 at the time Kendall Jenner was still in high school Kendall revealed that she bumped off school with Julian to hang out and they enjoyed each other’s company however their romance ended when

Kendall’s career started to bloom and she became famous they broke up officially in 2013. after the split, Kendall got celebrity status and became a household name in America

Harry Styles (2013-2014)

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is an English singer-songwriter and actor he is known for his music band one direction harry styles got famous after working on the reality show the x factor Kendall Jenner and harry hooked up in 2013. this relationship broke the internet and got the nickname Kendall fans of both Kendall and harry love this pair of harry styles was spotted kissing Kendall on a yacht

however neither Kendall nor harry confirmed this relationship but later on Kendall’s sister Kole Kardashian said in an interview that Kendall was romantically involved with harry styles sadly this relationship only lasted for a year and in 2014 the couple confirmed their split however harry and Kendall remained good friends even today they are sometimes seen hanging out together fans hope one day Kendall and harry will rekindle their relationship

Ashton Irwin (2014)

Ashton Irwin

Ashton Irwin is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician Kendall Jenner was linked with Ashton in 2014 after her split from harry styles Kendall was involved with this musician although the romance was never confirmed by either Kendall or Ashton they were spotted together in the summer of 2014.

according to a source close to Kendall she was romantically involved with Ashton Irwin they even enjoyed a night out together in new york however this relationship was a short one and soon they got separated

Justin Bieber (2014-2015)

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer and songwriter Justin was rumored to be dating Kendall Jenner in 2014. a series of romantic photos were posted from Justin Bieber’s Instagram account this sparked rumors of their relationship at the time Justin’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez got jealous of their relationship

however Kendall quickly shut down these rumors and confirmed that she and Justin are just family friends Kendall even said that their relationship is nothing more than an assumption but fans of Justin Bieber still believe that he dated Kendall however all these rumors ended when Kendall Jenner got involved with nick Jonas

Nick Jonas (2015)

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is an American singer-songwriter and actor nick was involved with Kendall Jenner in 2015. according to a report, nick and Kendall met through a mutual friend Gigi Hadid at the time Gigi was dating nick’s brother Instagram broke out with the news that nick and Kendall are dating fans were quick to congratulate nick and Kendall on their relationship but nick Jonas shut down these rumors in an interview nick said that they were hanging out just as a friend

Jordan Clarkson (2016)

Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson is a Filipino-American professional basketball player Kendall Jenner met Jordan in 2016 and instantly fell in love with him it was love at first sight for Kendall Jenner Kendall was spotted with Jordan at the after party of the American music awards it was clear that they are in love Kendall and Jordan were a lovely couple and Kendall seemed happy spending time with him however this relationship ended shortly afterward Kendall and Jordan broke up the same year

Asap Rocky (2016-2017)

Asap Rocky

Asap Rocky is an American rapper singer-songwriter and actor 2016 was a busy year for Kendall as she dated a lot of guys in that same year one of them was asap rocky Kendall and rocky hooked up in late 2016. they were spotted together several times however Kendall never made a relationship official with rocky according to sources

Kendall did not get much time to spend with him however this pair looked great on the internet fans of Kendall Jenner was quite happy with this relationship sadly in 2017 they broke up many media houses confirmed that their busy schedule was the main reason behind their separation

Blake Griffin (2017-2018)

kendall jenner boyfriend Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is an American professional basketball player Kendall Jenner and blake dated for around eight months the couple hooked up in 2017 at the time blake griffin had just split from his previous girlfriend Kendall and blake were photographed together on several occasions

Kendall was very happy with this relationship she said in an interview that blake is a very nice person who takes care of her sadly the pair called it quits after eight months of a romantic relationship and went their separate ways the reason behind their split is not yet known

Anwar Hadid (2018)

Anwar Hadid

Hadid is an American model he is the younger brother of Gigi Hadid Gigi is the best friend of Kendall Jenner Anwar met Kendall at a party of Gigi Hadid Kendall and Anwar dated for some time in 2018. a photograph surfaced on the internet in which Kendall was seen kissing Anwar and it was clear that they have fallen in love

however before fans called him Kendall’s new boyfriend a source close to Kendall reported that they are not dating and they are just good friends later it was reported that they are no longer together

Ben Simmons (2018)

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons was born in Melbourne he is an Australian basketball player who plays for national basketball association Kendall and Ben Simmons were a couple in 2018. Kendall Jenner publicly admitted ben as his boyfriend they dated for some time but found that it was not working for them

unfortunately they separated after a few months of dating later it was claimed their busy schedule was the actual reason behind their breakup however after the breakup Kendall Jenner said that they really liked each other

kyle Kuzma (2019)

kyle Kuzma

kyle Kuzma is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles lakers after Kendall split with ben Simmons she found another love interest who was also a basketball player Kendall and Kuzma were spotted hanging out together during their holidays but after that, they were not seen together in an interview Kendall was asked about

the rumors of her new lover she put down all these rumors and said that they are just good friends and nothing more fans of Kendall Jenner also believe that they were just friends

Fai cadre (2019)

Fai cadre

Fai cadre is a model and musician fai was rumored to dating Kendall after he was seen among the Kardashian clan but in 2019 Kendall Jenner turned down these rumors she posted a photograph of her and fai and wrote we don’t date he is just my friend all this got over when Kendall was linked with

Devin booker (2020-2022)

Devin booker

Devin booker devon Armani Booker is an American professional basketball player Kendall was involved with devon in April 2020 although the pair tried to keep their relationship a secret it was revealed when Kendall was spotted with devon during a vacation during the lockdown their love grew stronger and stronger however till now neither of them has confirmed their relationship devon was also seen with Kendall at Kim Kardashian 40th birthday party on a private island it is almost sure that they are dating we hope Kendall has found her true love in devon booker But

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker have called it quits.

Several sources confirmed that the Kardashians star and Phoenix Suns guard ended their relationship last month due to their demanding jobs.

“Both have incredibly busy schedules right now with their careers and they’ve decided to make that a priority,”

Kendall Jenner Reportedly Has A Boyfriend After She Broke Up With Devin Booker

Kendall Jenner has reportedly moved on from Devin Booker and is allegedly dating ex-boyfriend Harry Styles again.

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