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10 Incredible Facts About Taylor Swift You Probably Didn’t Know!

Most incredible Taylor Swift Facts just for you from her early days as a country star to her current status as a Global pop sensation there’s nothing Taylor can’t do find out all about Taylor’s life her music her favorite numbers and her record-breaking success

NO 1: Her birthday is December 13th Taylor Swift was born on December 13th, 1989 that’s also the name of the album she grew up in Pennsylvania with her brother Austin and started performing at an early age Taylor references growing up in Pennsylvania in several songs including seven and still visits often

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NO 2: She grew up on a Christmas tree farm between the ages of 5 and 10 Taylor grew up on her family’s Christmas tree farm in Reading Pennsylvania she has attributed her love of Christmas to this time including in her song called Unsurprisingly Christ Christmas tree farm

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NO 3: She moved to Nashville when she was 14 Taylor knew she wanted to be a musician and all her favorite musicians went to Nashville the home of country music so she persuaded her family to move there when she already had a record deal over the next few years she worked hard to make sure she made it big

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NO 4: She’s a big Shania Twain fan Taylor has said that country singer Shania Twain is one of her biggest Inspirations she said she listened to Shania from an early age and was inspired by Shania’s use of both country and pop music and Shania has said she’s also a huge TS fan

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NO 5: She plays lots of instruments Taylor first became famous playing her guitar and who can forget the classic song Teardrops On My Guitar but did you know she plays loads of instruments Taylor also plays piano banjo and ukulele you can see her playing banjo the song mean and she plays a moss-covered piano in cardigan here

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NO 6: her favorite number is 13 if you know one thing about Taylor it’s that she loves the number 13 Even though 13 is considered unlucky by many people it’s Taylor’s favorite number for lots of reasons firstly it’s her birthday She also turned 13 on Friday the 13th and her first album went gold in 13 weeks she likes to draw the number on her hand before gigs and you can spot lots of secret 13s in her songs and videos

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NO 7: She goes out of her way for her fans Taylor is famous for making sure her fans get the best experience she invited 89 fans to her house to celebrate the release of 1989 she also likes to surprise fans with presents including keyw workers during the pandemic and people in the hospital and to turn up at their birthdays what an inspiration

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NO 8: She loves Easter eggs, not the chocolate ones well maybe the surprise kind Taylor is famous for hiding surprise details in her videos and music she admits she’s been doing it for almost her whole career since she was 14 famous Easter eggs include writing song title backgrounds in other music videos hiding her friends names in lyrics and hiding significant animals like butterflies and snakes she’s also called the entire look what you made me do video and Easter egg

Taylor Swift 13

NO 9: She helped people register to vote during the 2018 us midterm elections Taylor posted on Instagram about how important it is to register to vote her fans must have listened because in the next 48 hours over 100,000 new people had registered to vote go Taylor

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NO 10: Her fans are called swifties if you’re a Taylor fan you’ll know that they’re called swifties a pretty self-explanatory name no one knows exactly who thought of it but it’s stuck ever since as for Taylor herself she’s also got a lot of nicknames including Tay Tay T Swizzle T Swift and Taylor Smith after an interviewer got her name wrong

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