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Are You Sydney Sweeney Real Fan? Do You Know These 10 Facts?

If you are a fan of such a talented movie star as Sydney Sweeney, then this article is 100% for you. We have found 10 most mind-blowing facts about her life, we are sure you had no clue about.

1. She has been passionate about the filmmaking industry since an early age and at 12, even made a five-year PowerPoint business plan to persuade her parents to let her pursue an acting career.  

Sydney Sweeney 5

2. Whenever she plays a new character, she writes a novel on it. During one of the interviews, she even shared having 100-page journals on each of the characters she has played. 

Sydney Sweeney 12

3. Sydney loves reading a lot and is often called a bookworm. The most interesting thing about reading is the fact that the celebrity can immediately picture it all on screen. 

Sydney Sweeney 1

4. She runs a production company called  Fifty-Fifty Films that focuses mainly on bringing projects with strong female leads to life.

Sydney Sweeney 3

5. Whenever she has free time, she enjoys spending it in a garage, fixing or rebuilding vintage cars.

Sydney Sweeney 10

6. Her main hobbies include traveling as a jet-setter, skiing as well as different water sports. 

Sydney Sweeney 8

7. Very few people know that the celebrity is a mixed martial arts fighter. 

Sydney Sweeney 6

8. She likes watching horror movies not only because she played quite a few creepy roles but also because she used to watch them with her dad as a kid. 

Sydney Sweeney 7

9. Sweeny loves being not only in front of the cameras but also behind the scenes. In addition, she often posts photos and videos on social media when she is not on set. 

Sydney Sweeney 2

10. She can boast of having over  13 million followers on Instagram. 

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