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10 Unexpected Facts about Selena Gomez Revealed

Selena Gomez is no doubt a household name and wholesome beauty she’s had her share of struggles and yet still manages to stay strong as she said just because you’re broken doesn’t mean you have to stay broken

10 interesting facts about Selena Gomez worth knowing

Fact 1.

Selena Gomez 3

The star was named after Selena the famous Tejano singer who died three years after her birth now we know why she can sing like a nightingale

Fact 2.

Selena Gomez 1

Disney discovered Selena Gomez in a nationwide casting call she also received Mickey Mouse charm necklace as a gift from Disney

Fact 3.

Selena Gomez 2

At just 16 years old Selena signed a recording contract with Hollywood Records the same label that also signed Miley Cyrus and demi lovato

Fact 4.

Selena Gomez 7

Selena has shared an unusual secret for keeping her vocal cords fit she says before i go on stage I drink olive oil it’s disgusting but it’s good for your throat

Fact 5.

Selena Gomez 8

Do you remember the purple dinosaurs who taught us new things well Selena’s first gig was at Barney and Friends at the age of seven

Fact 6.

Selena Gomez 9

Selena loves dogs and owns six dogs she also rescues them some of her dogs are Baylor Chip Willie Fina and Wallace

Fact 7.

Selena Gomez 10

Selena has been pretty open about her love of fast food cheeseburgers are one of her favorite foods often being packed with a burger in hand even at fancy red carpet events stay real sell

Fact 8.

Selena Gomez 11

Selena Gomez has three ria platinum singles naturally who says and love you like a Love Song she also has three golden albums

Fact 9.

Selena Gomez 6

Selena may not have appeared in the hit Netflix show 13 Reasons Why but she is involved in it the singer-actress is actually an executive producer for the show

Fact 10.

Selena Gomez 4

Selena Gomez confirmed in 2017 that she partnered with Coach starting with their fall line she has a limited edition collection of Coach handbags called Selena Grace that she designed in collaboration with coach

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