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Katherine Victoria Litwack, known professionally as Kat Dennings, is an American actress. She is known for her starring roles as Max Black in the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls and as Darcy Lewis in the Marvel

NO 1: Kat Dennings’s real name is Katherine V Litwack

Kat Dennings

NO 2: She doesn’t drink or smoke but also doesn’t involve herself with people who do this must be quite the challenge in Hollywood

Kat Dennings 2

NO 3: She wears glasses because she is nearsighted

Kat Dennings 6

NO 4: She graduated at the age of 14 and was home-schooled impressive

Kat Dennings 2

NO 5: She even wrote a script that ended up on the 2008 blacklist of best-unproduced screenplays

Kat Dennings 17

NO 6: No reason why but she tried to dye her hair with coffee

Kat Dennings 3

NO 7: The 37-year-old loves collecting old books and reading

Kat Dennings 7

NO 8: She credits Christopher Walken for inspiring her to get into acting

Kat Dennings 11

NO 9: When topless pictures of her relief after her phone got hacked she avoided talking about it

Kat Dennings 12

NO 10: Kat and Joss Robin have been dating since October 2014

Kat Dennings 4

NO 11: Her parents supported her even though they thought that acting was the worst idea for her

Kat Dennings 4

NO 12: She practices Transcendental Meditation where she separates anxiety and stress from her body

Kat Dennings 9

NO 13: She doesn’t like living and L dot a by saying I was too different I didn’t dye my hair I didn’t have perfect teeth and I was too pale I’ve learned to live here all the same

Kat Dennings 5

NO 14: Kat is the youngest of five siblings guys

Kat Dennings 1

NO 15: Her first role was in Sex and the City where she played a spoiled princess

Kat Dennings 1
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