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10 Surprising Facts About Jennifer Lopez You Never Knew!

Jennifer Lopez JLo Jenny From the Block whatever you call her this woman Angel requires no introduction she’s the queen of many things acting singing dancing and just being an overall amazing human

10 amazing facts about JLo that everyone should know

Fact 1.

Jennifer Lopez 2

She was a backup dancer for Janet Jackson

Fact 2.

Jennifer Lopez 1

If you’re dying to find out what Jennifer’s trick is to Flawless skin then you’ve come to the right place according to the star herself she has to get a mandatory eight hours sleep per night and could snooze for 10 hours if she’s lucky

Fact 3.

Jennifer Lopez 10

Being a true hopeless romantic Lopez has had her fair share of relationships and heartbreaks her first marriage to Johnny Noah lasted less than a year while her second marriage to Chris Judd lasted just nine months her fate seemed to change when she met fellow singer Mark Anthony but after giving birth to her twins the Superstar felt something wasn’t right and pulled the plug on her seven-year marriage even her almost marriage to be with Alex Rodriguez was called off after three years

Fact 4.

Jennifer Lopez 9

Or if you’ve always wondered how JLo always Sports a thick head of hair here’s the truth she has sewn-in hair extensions

Fact 5.

Jennifer Lopez 8

JLo was originally asked to co-star alongside Will Smith by playing Sarah and Hitch but she turned down the role we are not too sure why but we bet she’s kicking herself now as the film went on to make over 361 million dollars in box office sales

Fact 6.

Jennifer Lopez 7

Although Jade at Lowe’s marriage to Johnny was short the aftermath of her separation wasn’t trying to make some money off the back of his divorce he claimed to have a tape of the star and skimpy outfits and was threatening to release it however before he even tried the entrepreneur slapped him with a 10 million dollar lawsuit if he even dared I think we all know how that ended with a Johnny walking away with his tail between his legs

Fact 7.

Jennifer Lopez 6

Jennifer Lopez is easily one of the hardest working women in the biz so it’s no surprise that she’s also partnered up with Women’s Healthcare brand the brand focuses on women’s sexual mental and cosmetic Health

Fact 8.

Jennifer Lopez 5

Her kids Max and Emmy are named after the main characters in Dragon Tales

Fact 9.

Jennifer Lopez 4

Although the star is always pictured out partying Lopez revealed that she actually doesn’t indulge in alcohol she simply holds a glass to make a toast but would rather sip on a healthier beverage another secret behind her glowing skin

Fact 10.

Jennifer Lopez 3

JLo is the only woman to have been voted twice as one of the sexiest women of the world and we can clearly see why with natural beauty and a curvaceous figure the star has been an inspiration for girls and women across the world

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