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Firerose Age, height, weight, net worth, Wiki/Bio

Firerose Real Name (Firerose Cyrus)is a talented Australian singer and songwriter. She comes from a family of symphonic singers. She was brought up in Sydney and was immersed in music from an early age. Her love for music inspired her to choose this career. She eventually moved to Los Angeles, California for her career. Firerose’s notable credits include credits on Disney’s smash hit Hannah Montana. She has sparked media interest due to her rumored engagement to the famous Billy Ray Cyrus, who is 20 years her senior. Despite their age difference, the pair seem to be doing well, with Billy Ray Tish announcing their engagement just four months after his divorce from Cyrus.

Firerose Age, height, weight, biography

Nick NameFirerose
Real NameFirerose cyrus
ProfessionSinger, songwriter
Marital statusUnmarried
Height5.7” feet
Weight59 kg
Net Worth$500k
BoyfriendBilly Ray Cyrus

Firerose Family and Early Life

Firerose is a talented Australian singer and songwriter. The exact year of her birth is not known but it is estimated that he was born between 1993 and 1996 in the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia. She was born in Sydney, Firerose’s journey led her to Los Angeles, California, USA. She decided to chase her dreams in the music industry. At the age of 19, she took a bold step and traveled to Los Angeles for career opportunities, leaving behind the familiar landscapes of Sydney.

Firerose 3

Firerose is a bit of a mystery when it comes to her personal life. Despite gaining popularity on the internet and social media, she keeps details about her family, parents, and siblings tightly under wraps. She values her privacy, and it seems her upbringing in the spotlight of a musical family has influenced her choice to keep personal matters out of the public eye.

Firerose 4

As for her education, Firerose completed her schooling at the prestigious Newtown School for the Performing Arts in Sydney. The school played a crucial role in shaping her artistic abilities and preparing her for a career in the competitive world of music.

Firerose career

Firerose’s journey in the music world started back in her school days when she would come home and pour her experiences into songwriting. As she grew older, her passion for crafting melodies and lyrics only intensified. In May 2019, she took the plunge into the music scene with her debut track, “Fragile Handling.”

Firerose 5

The following year, she continued to make waves with her second single, “Way Out,” produced by Pedro Calloni. Keeping the momentum going, she dropped yet another single in June, titled “No Holding Fire.” What propelled Firerose’s musical career was her collaboration with the seasoned artist, Billy Ray Cyrus. Billy Ray not only became a mentor but also a collaborator, leading to the release of the hit single “New Day” in 2021. This track has become her most successful so far, boasting over 2 million views on YouTube and 800,000 streams on Spotify.

Firerose 6

Under Billy Ray’s guidance, Firerose has been able to craft exceptional music that resonates with a wide audience. In 2022, she continued to make her mark with the release of the single “All Figured Out,” which has already amassed over a million plays across various streaming platforms. Despite her impressive track record and years of composing music, Firerose has yet to drop an EP or album. However, her consistent success with each release suggests that when she decides to unveil a more extensive collection, it’s bound to be eagerly anticipated by her growing fanbase.

Firerose Boyfriend/ Husband/ love life

Firerose’s love life has become a hot topic lately, mainly because of her connection with the legendary Billy Ray Cyrus. Firerose and billy’s age gap over 30 years, these two seem to be striking a chord together.

Firerose 2

Billy Ray had a long marriage with Tish Cyrus that lasted 28 years and produced five kids. It’s quite the romantic saga considering his recent divorce from Tish. The rumor mill is working overtime, suggesting that Firerose and Billy Ray might be engaged. Yep, you read that right wedding bells might be in the air!

Firerose 7

Firerose herself remains tight-lipped about her past relationships. It seems like she’s all about keeping things on the down-low, adding an air of mystery to her love life. Whether it’s true love or just a musical collaboration, Firerose and Billy Ray are definitely keeping us all on the edge of our seats, waiting for the next chapter in this unexpected love story.

Net worth

Firerose 8

Firerose’s estimated net worth stands at $500,000, largely attributed to her thriving career in music. Her earnings come from a mix of streaming revenues and sales of her original compositions. It’s safe to say that her musical talent is not just a passion but a significant contributor to her financial success. Adding an interesting twist to the story, Firerose has the added comfort of being engaged to none other than Billy Ray Cyrus, whose substantial net worth is a whopping $20 million. With the support and financial stability from her relationship with Billy Ray, Firerose can focus on her music without worrying too much about the income side of things.

Some Interesting facts about firerose

  • She joined Twitter in July 2018 but has just over a hundred followers.
  • She’s also a big dog lover.
  • Firerose jumped on the Twitter bandwagon in July 2018, but her followers are still warming up.
  • If you’re looking for a visual treat, Firerose’s Instagram is the place to be.
  • She doesn’t like tattoos inked on her body

Social media Appearance



What is Firerose’s real name?

Ans: Firerose’s real name is Firerose Hdges

How did Firerose get into music?

Ans: Firerose’s musical journey began in her school days when she would compose songs about her daily experiences. Her passion for songwriting grew over time, leading to her official debut in May 2019.

Firerose 9

Is Firerose active on social media?

Ans: Yes, Firerose is quite active on social platforms. You can find her sharing beautiful pictures and short singing videos on her Instagram, where she has a significant following.

What is Firerose’s most popular song?

Ans: Firerose’s most successful track to date is “New Day,” a collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus, released in 2021.

Does Firerose have any tattoos?

Ans: No, she doesn’t like tattoos. 

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