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10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Dua Lipa

One of the most popular female singers today is of course Dua Lipa her songs are on the top charts all around the world and her most popular song is New Rules although she is still on the rise she has already made her way to the hearts of millions of fans because she is simply a fascinating singer

10 interesting facts about dua lipa are worth knowing

Fact 1.

Dua Lipa 10

Contrary to popular belief duolippa’s real name genuinely is Dualipa the name hails from albania where both of Dua’s parents were born

Fact 2.

Dua Lipa 2

While she was in Madrid a fan came up to her and revealed that they had gotten the same angel tattoo she had on her shoulder

Fact 3.

Dua Lipa 3

Other than singing Dua doesn’t think she has many talents apart from being amazing at spelling in this interview she spells the word pterodactyl not bad

Fact 4.

Dua Lipa 11

Duolipa did begin uploading some covers to YouTube including an Alessia Cara and Jamie xx track she was also featured in an advert for the X Factor

Fact 5.

Dua Lipa 5

Dua Lipa is connected to a lot of different countries and cities however the starlet was in fact born in London England her parents are from Albania

Fact 6.

Dua Lipa 9

Dua did in fact have a short stint as a model however she believed the whole process was bad for her mentality dua told Harper’s Bazaar I got approached to do modeling when I was really young I went there but I was never the right size

Fact 7.

Dua Lipa 8

When the duo was 11 years old she wanted to join her school choir but was told by her teacher that she couldn’t sing she’s now a multi-platinum singer so it’s fair to say the duo won that round

Fact 8.

Dua Lipa 6

Her own dad-action Lipa was in an Albanian rock band and she grew up listening to his music she said he was one of her main influences

Fact 9.

Dua Lipa 7

As a child duo was really short and took up basketball to try and make her taller i thought it would help me grow but it didn’t she says the second i quit i did grow

Fact 10.

Dua Lipa 1

It was the Sylvia Young Theatre School in Merrell bone London several other successful artists are alumni Rita Ora Tom Fletcher and little mixes jessie nelson

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