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Disguised Toast AGE, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family, Height & Biography

Disguised Toast (Jeremy Wang) was born on the 25th of November 1991 in Taiwan but he and his family moved to Malaysia before he reached the age of 1 since that’s where his father picked up work. Disguised Toast better known as Disguised Toast, is a Taiwanese-Canadian streamer, YouTuber, and Internet personality. He got his start on YouTube, creating videos about the digital card game Hearthstone.

Disguised Toast would alternate every two years between a Mandarin-speaking school and an English-speaking school allowing him to

pick up both languages eventually tosyl’s brother would make the decision to move to Ontario in Canada and everyone else in his family would soon follow toast would spend most of the years leading up to university in high school living a very introverted

Disguised Toast Wiki/Biography

Real NameJeremy Wang
NicknameDisguised Toast
ProfessionStreamer, YouTuber, and Internet personality
Height5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)
Weight60 kg (132pounds)
Eyes ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Date of BirthNovember 25, 1991
Age (in 2023)32 years old
Zodiac SignSagittarius
AffiliationOffline TV, Amigops
Among Us
Teamfight Tactics

Disguised Toast, Education, School, Religion

Birth PlaceTaipei City, Taipei, Taiwan
SchoolLocal high school
CollageUniversity of Waterloo
Education QualificationsComputer science

Disguised Toast Family and Relatives

FatherUpdate Soon
MotherUpdate Soon
BrotherOne Older Brother
SisterOne Older Sister
disguised toast Family
disguised toast Family

Disguised Toast Girlfriends, Wife, Affairs, Marital Status

Marital StatusUnmarried
Wife Update Soon
Marriage Date   Update Soon
SonUpdate Soon
DaughterUpdate Soon
Sexual OrientationUpdate Soon

What Is Disguised Toast Net Worth?

$1 MILLION Dollar

Disguised Toast net worth and earnings according to several trustworthy online sources analysis reports are predicted to be more than $5 million dollars by 2023.


Disguised toast easily qualifies for the 70/30 sub split meaning that he keeps a minimum of $3.50 for every monthly subscriber that he has.


Disguised toast also receives money from advertisements displayed on his stream. We estimate this to be around $2 per 1000 views for most streamers.

Disguised Toast Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2022$5 Million
Net Worth in 2022$3 Million
Net Worth in 2021$1 Million
Net Worth in 2020$0.5 Million
Net Worth in 2019$0.3 Million
Net Worth in 2018$0.1 Million

Professional Career

the mastermind of offline tv you unwilling pawn in my grand scheme for one of Twitch and Facebook’s biggest streamers and the collector of the best strategy game streamer award hailing from the depths of the once thriving hearthstone community now tearing apart among us lobbies as a core member of the offline tv house disguise toast has been

an important member of the organization since his very beginning but just how did Toast go from creating really popular niche card infographics on Hearthstone to being the host of the popular and well-loved saucy sundaes featuring popular creators from all walks of the streaming world and even

the odd celebrity Hello world my name is Harmless and in today’s video we’re going to be answering the question of who is this guy’s toast, Jeremy

Disguised Toast

the lifestyle he decided he wanted to change that when he reached grade 11 to find and meet new friends and to be more sociable and so he decided to pick up the hobby of magic tricks as it would force them to talk to people to show them but would also give them something to talk about he would quickly become known as the magic man of his school

Luce began to enjoy playing video games around this time and he had the goal of making his own and so he started to learn to program and would teach himself how to make flash games these games would turn out to be very successful and he was given an offer of one thousand dollars by a company for them to slap their logo on it and have his game hosted on their website the

the interest he gained in programming would lead to his decision to pursue the subject in university where he attended a three-year course at the University of Waterloo majoring in computer science

Who is Disguisedtoast?

During his time at uni, he would work on various well-known games and apps including Farmville and an app for Mercedes the NFL, and the royal bank of Canada he would however eventually drop out of the course due to the difficulty in the other topics and would instead major in maths which he also dropped out in the fourth year but his three years spent would be enough to qualify to be a bachelor of mathematics known as a three-year degree toast would spend some

time relaxing after spending so much time at uni and Blizzard was just about to announce the release of their new game which went by the name of Hearthstone which Two said where the is Diablo however, toast did become rather interesting as a wild tc player which he was dragged into by his brother who was a massive

Disguised Toast

card game fans in general would also convince Toast to play Hearthstone and he did twitch at the time was a platform that was going through a phase where it wanted its content to be only about gaming and you were only allowed to stream yourself playing games there was no just chatting section no irl section

and certainly, no pools hot tubs, or beaches section, and most games required a large portion of your focus when being played which is why the release of Hearthstone became so popular on the platform Hearthstone was one of the

Disguised toast first stream

First games which allowed creators to showcase more of their own personalities and Toast loved the game after quite some time spent playing he took an interest in the esports scene of the game and began to create infographics based on the statistics of decks used by professional hearthstone players which

he then shared with the Hearthstone community these posts were loved by the subreddit and gave Touch the exposure he needed to put his foot into the Hearthstone scene he began uploading commentary love short film videos onto youtube covering some lore slash character interactions seen in the game as well as some videos that talk about.

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the origin of where cards come from his channel went under the name that we know him has today this guy’s toast which is seen as the intro to his videos was a play on what the card a si7 agent would say when put into play this guy’s toast one day toast was informed of a tournament happening

locally in his city which was a fireside gatherings tournament in Toronto and he heard that Criterion was going to be commentating on some of the games there if you don’t know who Criterion is he was the second most popular Hearthstone streamer ever and during the Golden Age of hearthstone would average 50, 000 views on his stream

the toast was eager to get a selfie with him but decided that instead of getting a regular selfie he would tap into his online persona of this guy’s Toast since it was mildly recognizable to the Hearthstone community and he would then take the selfie wearing a mask of his logo which was made out of cardboard

Disguised toast face reveal

Since he thought it’d be more recognizable than his face many people at the tournament found it rather funny and they convinced him to wear it while he played this gave birth to many funny memes and jokes throughout the tournament and Toast’s popularity would grow at a rapid pace after this probably

Disguised Toast

thanks to the fact that you also won the whole tournament whilst wearing the mask which led to various Reddit posts being created and he was given a shout-out on a popular Hearthstone podcast soon after this toast would begin to stream on

twitch pulling over quite a large audience from his Reddit and youtube and he would continue to wear his mask as at this point it was a huge part of his brand as a whole he would begin to upload his stream highlights and content

Disguised toast Twitch rivals

onto youtube and came up with various ideas to make the content more fun and interesting such as a time when he did a Twitch chat plays hearthstone stream and he would also often showcase exploits or bugs seen in the game post would continue to grow steadily while streaming and posting videos managed to reach the goal of 1 000 subscribers on youtube and everything was going

smoothly until one day oh my god

Oh my god oh my god you guys just saw my face the reason the camera is on his face was caused he accidentally tugged on the wire to his webcam which was supposed to be pointed at his mask

one in his chest post received a large amount of blackmailing threats from people online stating that they were going to upload the clip if those didn’t do what the person asked but Toast decided to ignore these threats and to move on as a result this clip was shared by various small channels whose videos didn’t get much traction but one determined user who was adamant on being

pain in the ass decided to post the video onto Reddit many times over and over on multiple accounts while this was very bad for his anonymity it did boost his face to the top of our slash live stream fails the place where most Twitch careers started at the time since

Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast didn’t like the idea of being blackmailed by random people on the internet he decided to make a video on youtube talking specifically about the origin of his mask which after the recent exposure he got on Reddit managed to gain over a million views and he also decided that from that day on he would stream without it he hosted a live

stream titled face reveal and the last moments of this guy’s Disguised Toast being disguised were captured live on Twitch short tv toast will continue this regular form of stream content while mixing it up by making up challenges or winning with meme decks toast popularity was eventually high enough for him to be invited into one of the major blizzards

tournaments for hearthstone pax east major where Riley was the underdog of the competition he easily reached the stage of 32 using unique strategies overlooked by some of the pro players and he managed to exploit the fact that the pro players probably hadn’t watched his stream while he probably would have

won the whole thing on the very important day of the competition Disguised Toast chose sleep one of the more impressive challenges he managed to complete on his stream was when he reached legend the highest ranking hearthstone using a free-to-play deck at a time when Blizzard was becoming increasingly greedy and the meta often involved spending at least a little bit of money on your cards and

spending said money was seen as something that you had to do if you wanted to climb the ranks


oh my god I didn’t think it was possible it took him 105 games to reach the top with a free-to-play hunter deck very soon after this toast was given his first exposure to the world of creator controversy one of Toa’s main branches of content involved exploiting or finding bugs that occurred during

interactions between some cards found in

the game went pretty well for Disguised Toast and Blizzard as it was enjoyed by a large number of viewers and it raised awareness of what Blizzard needed to fix but one day everything changed it started off as a regular bug exploit tus was informed of the idea by someone in his chat he was told there was a bug involving the card’s empowered glory and

mirage caller and so as usual he decided to test it out except this would turn out to be a very serious bug the interaction he tested turned out to not only create a half-card monstrosity it would also completely freeze the lobby with the only way of getting it unstuck

being to leave the game or when it eventually crashed he would further investigate the bug and upon figuring out that on game crash it would reward him with a free win he decided he needed to notify Blizzard as soon as possible

later on, while Disguised Toast was expecting a pat on the back and well-done toast instead received suspension by Blizzard with the explanation that Toast was giving the bug too much publicity which enabled other people to replicate the bug ruining the experience of other players

while Disguised Toast and the public’s opinion was generally against Blizzard’s decision and their relations began to sour toast would eventually make a clear return to making Hearthstone content I was invited to Twitch rivals hosted the tournament

called the October Brawl featuring four weeks of competition between two teams with three players each on these teams were some of the most well-known Hearthstone community members and streamers at the time by the end of the tournament one team was winning by a large margin and only needed a

Disguised Toast

couple more wins to seal the deal and one of the key members of the losing team the guy that was partly the reason for Toast brand and image

unfortunately fell ill and so Toast was asked to replace him while toast did win his game it was not enough for him to carry his team to victory despite this for toast the tournament went rather well for him as he ended up meeting talk show host celebrity conan o’brien a couple of months before all this happened

toast attended the wedding of at the time offline tv health manager Chris Chan where he would meet many members of the offline tv house for the first time offline tv at the time was beginning to get more popular and unfortunately, their former member Poke Laws had to leave the

group due to problems with this visa and so they went out on the hunt for the first recruit of their organization the first person they reached out to happened to be a man who was also looking to expand the horizons in terms of content due to the fact said the man had a disagreement and began to dislike the company that made the game that served

as that man’s form of main content which happened to be toast was initially invited to stay over for only a couple of days and he thought he was just staying over at the house for a bit and not actually joining the content group until the next day he was asked to film

his joining offline tv video and said he was too awkward to decline he involuntarily joined offline tv toast would continue this regular hearthstone content over the next couple of years except this time he had the opportunity to reach out to his housemates of friendship and content and he would also

partake in many videos on the official offline tv channel and would lean into becoming more of a variety streamer since Hearthstone began to hit a decline offline tv is a house that’s primarily filled with league streamers such as

lily scare and pokey

lily scare and pokey and so were regularly invited to the League of legends switch rivals each year fast forwarding to the 2019 Twitch rivals turtle was invited to this year’s competition alongside otv except not for Hearthstone but for League of legends toast at the time didn’t play league much at all but despite this was at the high elo rank of silver 2 and was up against some of the best league of

Disguised Toast

legends players at the time in the 2019 roll robin Twitch rivals Toast had elected to play the role of jungle one of the hardest roles in the league and despite being one of the lowest-rated players to everyone’s surprise toast would smash through the veterans of the game going four wins and one loss in the

tournament and reaching the finals where he would then take a 2-1 victory to win the whole thing this was one of his most impressive feats which shows how quickly Toast can learn and adapt to new information a couple of months after this there was a new genre of game on the block auto battlers the first to

Disguised Toast Age, Height, Weight

Disguised Toast age is 32 years as of 2023. Disguised Toast stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 60 kilograms

Disguised Toast Contacts & Social Media

Instagram: @DisguisedToast
Facebook  @DisguisedToast
Discord @DisguisedToast
Tiktok @DisguisedToast
Twitch @DisguisedToast
YouTube: @DisguisedToast
Twitter @DisguisedToast
Website @DisguisedToast

Q.1 What is the real age of Disguised Toast in 2023?

Ans: Disguised Toast age is 32 years as of 2023.

Q.2 What is the net worth, of Disguised Toast?

Ans: Disguised Toast’s net worth is approximately $5 MILLION as of 2023.

Q.3 What is the date of birth of Disguised Toast?

Ans: He was born on November 25, 1991, in Taipei, Taiwan.


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