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10 Facts you didn’t know about Anne Hathaway

Here is the list of 10 facts you didn’t know about Anne Hathaway

1. Anne Hathaway was born on November 12th, 1982 in Brooklyn New York

Anne Hathaway 1

2. She is of Irish and French ancestry

Anne Hathaway 10

3. Anne’s father Gerald Hathaway is a lawyer and her mother Kate Mcau Hathaway is an actress

Anne Hathaway 9

4. At school she was an excellent student and participated in several school plays

Anne Hathaway 8

5. Hathaway later studied English and women’s studies at Vasser College

Anne Hathaway 7

6. Hathaway is an environmentalist and supports sustainable living

Anne Hathaway 6

7. She is a vegetarian and promotes animal rights

Anne Hathaway 5

8. Anne is a self-proclaimed feminist

Anne Hathaway 4

9. Anne Hathaway is a talented singer and sang in several of her films

Anne Hathaway 3

10. She had to learn French for her role one day and she is a fan of Jane Austin novels

Anne Hathaway 2
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