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BBC Strictly’s Zara McDermott admits she’s had a ‘st week’ since being axed from the show

Love Island star Zara McDermott was voted off the BBC Dance Competition last week after finding herself in the dance-off for a third time Zara McDermott has shared that Shush has had an asterisk the week since

She was voted off Strictly Come Dancing last weekend the love Island star who was partnered with Graziano di Prima was eliminated from the BBC Dance Competition after landing in the dance-off for a third time speaking about being axed on the podcast staying relevant with Pete Wicks she admitted this week has been a bit of an asterisk the week because I got evicted from

Strictly am not going to cry it was Halloween week and it was a big milestone in the strictly series I was being painted as a skeleton at a spa which was a strange concept the former Maiden Chelsea star became the fifth celebrity to be exed despite never having danced

before she wrote an emotional tribute on Instagram saying I knew this day would come and I tried to prepare myself as best I could for it but the reality is I don’t think it’s quite sunken yet I first dreamt of dancing on

Strictly when I was 7 years old dancing around the living room wearing my little dress and wishing I could be one of the princesses that I saw on screen opening square bracket dot dot dot closing square bracket I am forever grateful to every

Single one of you made my strict experience one that I will think about with a huge smile on my face every day for the rest of my life meanwhile West End actor Leon

Williams has been criticized strictly over his history of Dance Experience the 29-year-old star is best known for playing Steven Carmichel in the hit BBC series Bad Education but first shot to fame when he appeared in

The West End theater production of Billy Elliott Leighton has continued to impress the judges week after week recently performing a jive that had judges Shirley and Moy Mose on their feet his routine bagged him and his professional partner Nikita a score of 36 out of a possible 40 points Shirley gushed I thought it was absolutely outstanding meanwhile

Craig said that Leighton had a few things to improve but noted that parts of the Jive were incredible too in September EastEnders actress Michelle Collins claimed that it is not fair to have Leighton on the show

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