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All Elite Wrestling agreed to change Wembley Stadium set-up for Taylor Swift’s The Eras tour

All Elite Wrestling’s president has revealed that they agreed to alter the setup for next year’s all-in event at Wembley Stadium to accommodate more

Tailor Swift eras tour shows Swift will bring her World Tour to the UK next summer which includes three shows at Wembley Stadium in June and three in August earlier this month she added two extra shows to the August run raising

The total number of Wembley dates to 8 Allin Meanwhile is set to take place on August 25th just a few days after Swift’s final Wembley date and the organization’s president Tony Khan has told the Daily Mail that those shows were made possible because new agreed to speed up the installation of their set

The load is a very different schedule than what we had last year Khan said if you look at the calendar of Wembley Stadium events for August of 2024 you’ll see that scheduled ahead of us is Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift being scheduled at Wembley Stadium ahead of aew is a big deal he continued so if we can make more

Taylor Swift shows in London possible by speeding up our load in and I pay a little bit extra to do so but we still have a great event at Wembley everybody wins and I’m not going to get crushed or killed in the process

So I’m fine with that and I think a little bit of extra money and a little bit of extra human power getting the show put on the AYS tour was also made into a concert film which was released last month and quickly broke numerous records including the biggest opening weekend for a concert film in history

Swift announced today November 27th that fans in the US Canada and other unspecified countries will be able to rent the film on demand from December 13th Swift’s birthday the new extended version will include tracks Wildest Dreams the Archer and Long Live

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