Monday, December 4, 2023

Strictly star Giovanni Pernice tipped to make switch to Dancing On Ice

Strictly star Giovani Peris has been tipped to make the switch to a hit ITV show following his early exit from the show last week it was announced that Giovan’s dance partner Amanda Abington had quit the show bringing an early end to his time in the competition too Amanda Abington quits the show last week it was announced that

Amanda 49 had decided to quit the show early the former Sherlock star broke her Silence about her exit with a state on

Instagram it is with deepest regret that I had to leave strictly I did not come to this decision easily or likely but for personal reasons I am unable to continue it was an absolute Joy working with my fellow contestants they are a

Beautiful hardworking and talented group of people who I love and who I will miss seeing every Friday and Saturday and competing alongside she captioned the post however Amanda failed to mention

Giovanni in her post sparking Feud rumors giovan’s future on the show has since been called into question what next for strictly star

Giovani following his early exit there has been some speculation over whether Giovani will quit the show according to the bookmakers the Italian dancer could well do just this by following inot Mao’s footsteps and joining dancing on

Ice OBG currently has Giovani at 16 over1 to become a judge John dancing on ice oil Sports meanwhile has him at 14 over one to join the hit ITV show meanwhile The Bookies have Giovani at 4 over one and 5 Hales to quit the hit BBC show however they have him at 1/5th and 1/3 to stay on the

Show what other avenues could strictly star Giovani explore elsewhere The Bookies have Giovani at 25 over1 and 16 over1 respectively to land his own daytime TV show the Italian dancer is at 20 over1 according to OBG to become a judge on

Strictly meanwhile boil Sports has him at 6 over one to join the judging panel heading down under to join I’m a Celebrity is at 25 over one and 4 over one whilst roughing it up on Celebrity

SAS is at 50 over1 and 8 over one respectively OBG has Joe at 33 over1 to land a slot on this morning whilst Boil Sports has him at 12 over1 to get a roll on the ITV show he’s also at 12 over1 and 6 over one to head Stateside to join Dancing with the Stars

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