Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Stacey Solomon ‘stressed’ as she ‘makes big family decision after emotional time’

Stacey Solomon is reportedly deciding to make a guest house at her Pickle Cottage home so that extended family can come and stay with her Stacy Solomon is said to have made a big decision in regards to her family after reportedly experiencing an emotional time

recently the 34-year-old has shared that her 94-year-old grandmother has moved into a care home close to Pickle Cottage and now the loose women star is said to be considering building a guest house for an extended family to come to visit A source told closer although

Stacy has been flying high recently with all her business deals it has been an emotional time as finally managed to persuade her beloved Grandma to move into a care home near where

She and her sister live she feels the pressure as the big earner in her family to take care of everyone and love having them stay with her which is why Shush is thinking about expanding her home The Insider revealed that

Stacy’s husband Joe Swash 41 has to remind her not to get stressed by the plan planning and that there’s no rush to get it done Stacy feels she should always be generous as she possibly can even though it stresses her out

She also wants to make sure she has enough for herself and the kids as well as build a business Empire that she can pass down to them the source revealed to the publication Stacy and Joe are parents to three children Rex four one-year-old

Rose and Baby Belle who is 5 months old the exactor star is also Mom son Zachary 15 and Leighton 11 from previous relationships the couple purchased their impressive Tuda-style home back in 2021 and after renovating the property the family moved into their new living quarters Just A Week Ago Stacy took to

Instagram to tell her 5.8 million followers that her beloved Grandma had moved closer to Pickle Cottage the television personality shared two adorable pictures one of her and her Nan standing by the gate of her home and one of her daughters rose with her great

Grandmother Stacy revealed her gratitude for finally managing to convince her grandma to move closer to her

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