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Sophie Turner was spotted with prestige bachelor Peregrine Pearson hours after the pair shared a kiss

Sophie Turner The Talented actress we all adore has been spotted with Perran Pearson at the Rugby World Cup let’s dive into the details so it all went down on a Saturday right before the Rugby World Cup final match between New Zealand and South Africa at

State def France Sophie Turner the 27-year-old actress was all smiles as she arrived with Pagin Pearson a 29-year-old Aristocrat who’s been dubbed

Britain’s most eligible bachelor the two walked together Sophie leading the way before taking the field to unveil the coveted World Cup trophy but what’s really raising eyebrows is the fact that just hours before this public appearance

Sophie and Perran were seen sharing a rather passionate kiss in the city of love Paris in an image captured by the sun Sophie and Perigrine locked lips in the Romantic French Capital this new romance comes just one month after

Sophie’s ex Joe Jonas filed for divorce now a bit about Peragine he’s the heir of the fourth Viscount cover and had a family fortune worth a staggering TS 224 million prior to his involvement with

Sophie Perrin had split from model princess Mariah Olympia of Greece and Denmark who is just 27 years old back in September the new couple didn’t shy away from public displays of affection they were spotted sharing a romantic kiss

leaving no doubt about their budding romance they then went their separate ways in chaffer-driven cars only to be reunited later at State def the onlooker said they arrived together at the chaffeeair pickup location outside of the station it looked like they might have both come on the Eurostar from

London they stood there for a few minutes chatting and laughing a lot he then took off his hat and leaned in to give her a big kiss after the kiss they parted ways as for peragon he’s now back at his luxurious PS5 million pad in

Chelsea all by himself of course we reached out to Sophie’s representatives for a comment but as of now there’s been no official word while Sophie seems to have moved on Joe Jonas has been busy with Father duties back at home and

There you have it folks love drama and a hint of Royal connections the world of celebrities never fails to amaze us

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