Monday, December 4, 2023

Sophie Turner shares passionate kiss with aristocrat Peregrine Pearson in Paris

Sophie Turner was pictured sharing a passionate kiss with Aristocrat Peregrine Pearson in Paris on Saturday the Game of Thrones star 27 was seen having a smooch with Peregrine 29 whose family have a net worth of more than 224 million pound near the g d Nord station in the picture

Sophie was seen cutting a smart figure in a Black Ensemble and a red baseball cap as she shared a public kiss with Peregrine who recently split from King Charles’s goddaughter and kept it casual in Gray jeans and a dark jacket as he leaned in for a smooch the pair then parted ways in chauffeur driven cars

before they later reunited at the city stod in France where Sophie unveiled the trophy according to the Sun an onlooker said they arrived together at the chauffeur pickup location outside of the

station it looked like they might have both come on the Eurostar from London they stood there for a few minutes and were chatting and laughing a lot he then took his hat off and leaned in to give her a big kiss after the kiss they parted ways just hours after the kiss

Sophie was seen smiling as she and Paragan both arrived ahead of the Rugby World Cup final match between New Zealand and South Africa Sophie walked a few steps ahead of the Aristocrat dubbed

Britain’s most eligible bachelor before going on to the pitch to unveil the World Cup trophy

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