Monday, December 4, 2023

Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty sends relief to Palestine

Selena Gomez Rare Beauty sends relief for Palestine Selena Gomez’s makeup brand Rare Beauty donates to Palestinian relief organizations following her Hiatus from social media rare Beauty is the Cosmetics brand established by renowned singer

Selena Gomez recently announced its commitment to Aid Palestine in the wake of Israeli air strikes on Gaza Selena Gomez had lately taken a break from social media citing the distressing horror hate violence and Terror plaguing the world rare Beauty took to Instagram to posting a burgundy square with a powerful message

Humanitarian crisis in Gaza the brand expressed its Devastation over the situation in the Middle East emphasizing the tragic loss of innocent Palestinian lies and the plight of millions left without access to essential resources

Including food water and Medicine particularly concerning was the impact on children who constituted a significant portion of the victims

Selena’s makeup brand condemned the attacks on civilians while also denouncing all forms of anti-Semitism and islamophobia they urged Their audience to contribute to relief efforts stressing that every bit of help could make a significant difference

The company pledged to support relief organizations actively involved in the crisis donations will be made to the International Red Cross Red Crescent Societies Mag and David Adam the Palestinian Red Crescent Society to ensure urgent medical Aid and resources reach the children of Gaza this announcement comes on the heels of

Selena Gomez’s decision to step away from social media where she expressed her deep concern for the suffering in the world particularly the violence inflicted upon innocent people emphasizing the need for their protection and an end to violence

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