Monday, December 4, 2023

Our Yorkshire Farm matriarch Amanda Owen was forced to ‘batten down the hatches’ at Ravenseat

after storm, Kieran swept across the country with huge floods and gale-force winds our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda

Owen finally broke her silence and let the world know she and her brood are doing well Amanda Ren shared an Instagram update of how herself and her family have been coping after Storm Kieren batted the

nation the hardworking mom of nine plays a Hands-On role in the upkeep of Raven Seat Farm which boasts a spectacular rural location in the Yorkshire Dales she was well prepared when the winds and rain began sharing photos of her three

youngest daughter helping to collect the eggs she told her 535,000 followers being some pretty horrible weather hash storm seon had to batten down the hatches but rain doesn’t stop work play sure as eggs is eggs numerous flood warnings were issued

for Yorkshire ahead of the storm while 80 m per hour Gales and up to 60 mm of rain were expected at locations across the country however Hardy Amander is no stranger to intense storms with our Yorkshire Farm

the star regularly updated fans over the years after Extreme weather conditions and power Cuts plunged Raven’s seat into darkness back in 2020 she updated followers on the severe impact of the storm

Kira revealed that sh’ had been completely unable to reach her sheep who were all stranded outside the Sheep are usually on the mo 1,700 ft above sea level I brought him down at Darkfall last night when I heard the weather forecast but there are so many rivlets and torrents

if the sheep or dog or a person fell in that would be it she explained adding that the force and Power in the water were incredible the following year Amanda was equally vocal about stor marwin which left herself her former husband Clive and the nine kids without any electricity or running water talking to Lorraine Kelly on ITV

she quipped the storm had its high points and its low points I think the low point was when tea was actually fried eggs and champagne she added that being plunged

Into Darkness and being in Sub-Zero temperatures also caused her to struggle storm bab was another tricky moment in 2023 but Amanda has been resilient and the adversity has taught

her kid’s life skills too in the photos published today 9-year-old Anna 7-year-old Clemy and 6-year-old Nancy could be seen clambering up to a tree with the worst of the bad weather over at Eve Buckerfield gushed that the

kids had grown up so much adding time flies by I hope you are all keeping well and happy at Caroline r76 echoed oh my word the girls are growing before our eyes XX miss seeing you all on TV XX at Mockingbird media chimed in good to see you posting again Amanda seems like ages since we’ve had an update from The Dales

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