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Martin Lewis tipped to land Phillip Schofield’s This Morning role

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis has been tipped to land Philip Scofield’s former role on this morning could the star swap his occasional appearances on the show for something more permanent going forward moneys saving expert

Martin Lewis is tipped to land Philip Scofield’s role on This Morning with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby out of the picture the future of This Morning is up for speculation

Who will be fronting the show going forward will Allison Hammond and Dermis or Liry get the gig fulltime or will it be Josie and Craig or will Ruth Langsford and Ryland Clark make a

Triumphant Return well it’s going to be none of them according to the bookies according to OLBG Martin Lewis is going to be the next permanent host of this

Morning they currently have the 51-year-old at 20 over 1 for the role Martin is no stranger to hosting TV shows as well as hosting his own show on

ITV he has also on occasion hosted Good Morning Britain could we be seeing him on the green sofa in the near future this morning viewers pick their new Phil and

Holly meanwhile it seems as though this morning viewers have already picked

Their new Phil and Holly yesterday Monday, October 30th saw Ryland Clark and Josie Gibson host the show together it’s safe to say that fans were happy with the pairing and happy to see Ryland on the show Ryland lights up the TV with joy

One viewer tweeted welcome home Ryland and Josy we are spoiled # this morning another said Lovely to have Ryland back on here and Josie are great together and far more calming than in previous weeks a third

Wrote great Duo of Ryland and Josie, hashtag this morning another gush Ryland to become permanent this morning host last week it was revealed that

Ryland would be back hosting the show Ryan is just so popular with the British public he is adored this morning bosses are absolutely delighted to have got him back on after such a long break

He will be joining Josie and he is thrilled A source told the mail online the pair of them will have such a laugh together ITV Executives assure that they will be a real hit with the viewers The Bookies believe that Ryland will be back hosting the show alongside

Ruth Langsford soon too bonus code bets have Ryland and Ruth to host the show together at 3 over one

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