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Martine McCutcheon opens up on health disorder after string of woes

Martine McCutcheon has been honest about her health woes regularly updating the world on her battle with chronic fatigue syndrome CFS and today she discussed her struggle with another disorder Martin McCutchen has addressed living with attention deficit disorder add while offering advice via Instagram

This morning former monk turned lifestyle Guru Jay Shetty had posted a message on his account which had the former EastEnders star shimmying her shoulders and giggling it read there’s a proven link between playfulness and well-being so try not to take life or yourself too

Seriously Martin shared writing so many of you ask me what helps me with my conditions for any of you that find it hard to focus or have a DD like me or ADHD or depression Perino or anxiety Etc

These little but potent 10-minute meditations are be asterisk asterisk asterisk y wonderful highly recommend the the app no affiliation you’re welcome sick she shared punctuating her feelings with a thumbs up emoji ADHD is a condition that causes difficulties in concentrating and a tendency to act impulsively the NHS website

States Martin has also been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome CFS fibromyalgia and Lyme disease causing her widespread pain in her body and constant exhaustion CFS can also involve experiencing flu-like symptoms on a regular basis despite there being no

Infection present at the time with some doctors believing it is caused by an overactive immune system for Martin her symptoms were so extreme at one stage that she was forced to use a wheelchair and even lack

The energy to take showers one flare up last year left her so unwell that she had to be hospitalized and was unable to attend her husband Jack McManus birthday celebrations however despite a tough time she was seen dancing the night away

On holiday in Mior earlier in the year in between flareups she has also taken heart from hearing that medical researchers are gradually starting to learn more about conditions that were once little understood they’re getting more and more answers about the brain and nervous system she explained to the Glasgow

Times earlier in the year so many people suffer and don’t even realize they’ve got it they don’t understand the fatigue they’ve got or with fibromyalgia the muscle pain dizziness hot cold sweats all different things that can be misdiagnosed for other

Things when you have an invisible illness that no one can see and therefore can’t sympathize or don’t really know how to support you you have to get to know yourself really well and learn your limits and boundaries she continued Martine added that she is using coping strategies to help her survive in an increasingly fast-paced World while walking to the beat of Her Own Drum

The star first rose to famous Tiffany and East Enders back in the 1990s and went on to star in movies including Love Actually 2003 while more recently fans were able to catch her on blankety blank this month too

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