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Kourtney Kardashian suffers wardrobe malfunction

Kourtney Kardashian suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a home photo shoot on the Kardashian season 4 finale the 44-year-old has not been shy about showing off her baby bump in both public and private which become a point of

Contention for her daughter Penelope towards the end of the episode Kourtney came out in a very skimpy mini skirt and cropped sweater when Chris pointed out her vagina was showing the episode Cuts back to Los Angeles as Courtney comes out for a photo shoot with Chris watching noting that her front part is totally showing well aren’t you lucky

You get to see my vagina Courtney says with a laugh as they take photos in her crop top sweater and matching miniskirt

Kourtney adds in confession my mom really wanted to come over and see me she’s obsessed with me and my pregnant belly she just had to come over Courtney asks if she can see her vagina and the photographers can’t but Chris says

She’s lower than they are Chris says in confession oh my God wild as she asks Courtney if she wants a blanket as Kourtney shows her the Scrapbook project earlier in the episode Courtney welcomes

Chris and Khloe on the Blink 182 tour bus as they take a ride to San Diego for the rock group concert Travis arrives on the bus and greets everyone Chris thanks him for having them and Courtney says they get to experience a day in the life of tour

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