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Kate Silverton spills real motivation behind Strictly stint with Aljaz before quitting BBC

Exclusive former BBC newsreader Kate Silverton signed up to compete in Strictly Come Dancing with Aljaz Sconet back in 2018 and she has now revealed the real reason behind her decision in an interview with

Kate Silverton has exclusively admitted she said yes to Strictly Come Dancing In order to build a second career away from the BBC

Newsroom the TV presenter who is now a qualified child therapist told that taking part in the dance competition in 2018 had allowed her to begin making moves to follow her passion in life 3 years after finishing in eighth place with her professional dance partner Aljaz Sconet Kate quit her role on BBC

News sharing her true motivation for signing up to strictly Kate admitted I’ve always looked forward and I was just following my passion I did strictly with a view because it would ENT have been my

Natural learning as much as I loved it I did it really because it sort of had those seeds of wanting to create a second career I was talking about Children’s

Mental Health I didn’t see it as a career I see it as my life’s work and I knew I wanted to talk about children’s mental health and I thought well that’s a really good way of having a platform to do that at the time Kate also confided in alas about her hopes to pursue working in child

Psychology the star revealed she and the Slovenian dance champion are still in touch and that she was delighted to hear he and his wife Janette Minara had fallen pregnant with their first baby Lyra Rose who was born in July this year Kate explained she had been in

Touch with the strictly Pros about their desires to start a family after facing her own fertility struggles the former BBC News host also recalled how much alas had bonded with her son Wilbur proving he would be a great parent she shared I’m just watching the journey and delighted for them both and especially when I think my own Journey was quite difficult to get to that point and they’ve had that challenge too

Janette and I have spoken about that and Sir knowing what has gone before and how they’ve got to this point has not been easy I mean there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t give thanks for my

Children because it took us so long to get to that point Kate added Janette recently revealed that she and Aljaz had been trying to conceive for more than 2 years before they received the happy news that they were expecting Kate also went on a tough Journey towards becoming a mom with

Husband Mike as she admitted the couple almost gave up hope after 5 years of difficulties the day that we got married we accepted we couldn’t have children and then I fell pregnant naturally at 41 and 42 she explained

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