Monday, December 4, 2023

Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway ‘nervous’ about ‘being out of a job’

Kate Garay often appears on Good Morning Britain and this week she appeared alongside Richard Midy Kate Garay has shared her fears about being replaced on her radio show by

I then 56-year-old appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Good Morning Britain with co-host Richard Midy where the pair interviewed Flur East Flur 36 appeared on the show to discuss a new experiment that sees AI take over her hits radio breakfast show

After the AI version sent a recorded message to Kate and Richard 67 the duo was left stunned by the advanced technology it Kate exclaimed sharing her fears I’m

a bit nervous because I do a radio show as well and I feel you may have done us both out of a job flirt why are you doing this the exactor star said that although

She is taking part in this experiment AI cannot permanently take over human beings as there’s no interaction emotion or banter

Richard was Keen about the idea of having an AI version of himself on Good Morning Britain but Kate wasn’t so sure I’m not sure there could be an AI Richard Midley Kate expressed as Richard added of course there could be I think

AI is going to take over the world AI or artificial intelligence in its full term is the intelligence of machines or software as opposed to the intelligence of humans or animals Cate may not have to be too worried about being out of a job as

Shush has recently been reported to be in the running to join this morning after Holly Willoughby’s exit from the daytime program ITV is reportedly looking for permanent fixtures for the

Show current host Josie Gibson has been filling in for Holly since she quit the show earlier this month but with Josie being rumored to be gearing up to take part in this year’s im a Celebrity producers are looking for new

Presenters rumored Front Runners to replace Holly reportedly include Kate and deina mcll other names thrown into the mix are Roselle Humes Amanda Holden and Lisa Snowden who have all guests hosted the program before

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