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Kate Garraway ‘torn’ overtaking potential This Morning role ‘Her priority will always be Derek’

Kate Garraway is reportedly torn over potentially hosting this morning due to her priority being her husband Derek Draper the GMBB star has been heavily tipped to take on the role of hosting the hit ITV following Holly willoughby’s exit Kate gway torn over hosting this

Morning Due to husband Derek Draper since Holly left this morning the rumor mill has been in overdrive over who will be replacing her Kate Garraway has been tipped to take on

The role and according to sources ITV boss is keen on signing her up, however, the 57-year-old is said to be torn over potentially hosting the hit daytime show because her priority is always going to be caring for her husband

Derek a source spoke to Closer magazine recently about Kate potentially Landing the much-coveted role Kate is firmly in the sights of bosses at this morning and she takes so many boxes she’s a brilliant presenter

Who can switch between covering serious news and then interviewing a member of the public about something fun that’s happened in their life of course with all she’s gone through in the last few years with Derek she’s won over the hearts of many TV viewers with the way

She’s dealt with such trauma will Kate gay take on this morning’s gig amid caring for her husband Derek Draper The Source continued saying that fans would welcome Kate with open arms this morning however they went on to reveal that Kate is torn over the possibility of hosting the

Show Kate is really torn over the opportunity although she remains fiercely ambitious and still wants to achieve a lot on TV her priority will always be Derek she literally has to roll up her sleeves and fight for

Absolutely everything to ensure he gets the care he needs on top of that she has to juggle being a mom will Kate take the gig

The Source continued by saying Kate absolutely loves her job she’s loved going on this morning too it really would be a step up in her career and she’d love to take on the challenge but the sad reality is Derek isn’t getting any better when Kate’s not

On TV every waking moment is spent caring for him and the kids and trying to hold things together she’s not sure with Derek being ill that she’d be able to hit the ground running on this

Morning in the way she’d really liked her and in a way that she feels such a big ITV show deserves they also added that she’s unsure about wanting to deal with the pressure surrounding the show

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