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Strictly’s Karen Hauer changes name on Instagram, seemingly ‘confirming’ split from husband

In strictly news Pro dancer Karen Hauer has seemingly confirmed her split from her husband after making a major change on

Instagram the Venezuelan dancer has been embroiled in Split rumors for weeks now and her recent social media actions have seemingly confirmed that her marriage is over strictly news Karen Hower embroiled in Split rumors there has been much speculation claiming that Venezuelan dancer Karen

Who was paired up with Eddie KY on this series of Strictly has split from her husband Karen tied the knot with Jordan wi Jones in June of last year however last month Karen was spotted without her wedding ring sparking speculation that

She and Jordan had split according to reports in the mirror Jordan and Karen had been going through tough times hence why they had reportedly

Split Karen and Jordan have had a tough time in the past few months and decided to split it’s obviously very sad for both of them but there’s no ill will whatsoever the split is amicable and

They wish each other the best a source claims to the publication Strictly News Karen Hower confirms the split however Karen’s latest actions seem to confirm that she has in fact split with her husband previously Karen’s name on

Instagram was Karen Hower wi Jones however this is no more the 41-year-old has changed her name back to Simply Karen Howard on the social media website does all but confirms that she has split with

Jordan Karen is set to quit strictly in other Karen-related news fans believe they’ve spotted some signs that the dancer will be quitting strictly some fans believe the dancer won’t be returning to the show next year

thanks to her body language I could see Karen and Gawker leaving their attitude this season has been off one fan said on Reddit

I really think it’s time for Karen to go her Coro is just not up to the same standard as some of the others and she seems like she’s not enjoying it as much anymore another said I get the sense Karen isn’t the

Most engaged but that could be due to her personal life she’s only human or just the fact she’s been around for a while you can get jaded after a long time in the same job no matter how good the gig might be a third Road

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