Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Jeremy Clarkson calls for major change on David Attenborough’s show in a swipe at the BBC

The Grand Tours Jeremy Clarkson called for the BBC to go back to the drawing board with David Aten’s planet Earth as he hit out about the latest series over its

Content Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he hates the new series of David aten’s planet Earth and has called for a change the grand tour star said although he has been glued to the BBC shows new episodes he believes David’s storytelling is not as good as it used to be giving his reasons Jeremy 63 said oh

The photography is brilliant and spellbinding but the words are driving me insane he went on to say that there was a time when he was fascinated with how

David would tell viewers all about the animals but now all we ever get is here’s a see-through fish with an orange stomach and its future is threatened by climate change and then it’s here’s something with pointy teeth and soon it will be

Wiped out by global warming the presenter added in his sun column that such information is already known to viewers and urged David to tell us about the animals not the B asterisk asterisk asterisk y whether it’s not the first time Jeremy has taken a swipe at the BBC narrator in

The show last year he slammed Frozen Planet 2 claiming the program was no longer fun and said the BBC was only concerned about pushing the message of climate change David added he just reads out words that have been written by a team of vegan Communists who have only

One on their minds I’ve been watching Frozen Planet too and it’s a joke because we learn nothing at all we see some dramatic footage of a polar bear and before we are told anything at all we are warned that because of human activity and capitalism and Donald Trump the poor bear’s habitat is disappearing ahead of the new series

David passionately claimed that Humanity needs to learn to show more restraint for the good of the natural world the narrator said there was a huge problem in the way humans had gobbled up space as though it belonged to us and nobody else and the notion that you should

Actually, having to restrain yourself in order to accommodate the natural world is not one which everybody feels we need to persuade people that it’s quite a selfish thing to do he added to the guardian he went on to discuss how the

BBC played a vital part in the Public’s awareness of the climate crisis adding it was an important issue in the show that is full of drama and excitement meanwhile viewers have been expressing their thoughts about the

latest Series so far with many left in tears during the latest episode one wrote dying Pearl Purple Octopus wailing seals being torn from their family I am a wreck # planet

Earth another commented I really don’t recommend watching planet Earth 3 pregnant I’m a BL asterisk Ys # planet Earth getting upset over an octopus mamama and now a Lon mamama so pleased she was reunited with her cub # planet Earth a third typed

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