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BBC Strictly’s James Jordan claims Adam Thomas was ‘stitched up’ over shock show exit

Former strictly dancing pro James Jordan didn’t hold back as he discussed last week’s controversial elimination whilst hosting his YouTube show Strictly the Truth Strictly Come dancings James Jordan has angrily claimed

Adam Thomas and Luba Mushu were stitched up over their exit from the BBC competition on Sunday Adam 35 became the latest celebrity to leave the show after the judges opted to save Angela rippen and Kai Widdrington however former strictly Pro

James 45 believes that Craig Revel Horwood Shirley Ballor Moyabo and Anton Ducer may have sent the incorrect dancer home speaking on his YouTube show

Strictly the truth with Hello magazine the star said this was a unanimous decision every single judge said they would have saved Angela now did they do that to almost justify the decision have they kind of gone okay all four of us do it because then we can say say that is what it is I don’t know because when I watched it I would have saved

Adam James continued to claim that he believed the quartet originally scored the dances incorrectly on Saturday evening you had Ellie Taylor Leighton Williams Annabelle Croft and Nigel

Harmon was in the top four Bobby Braier Bang in the middle then they had Krishnan Guru Mery on 29 Points Angela and Kai on 28 and then joined to the bottom of the leaderboard were Angela Scandin and

Carlos Adam and Luber forgot that totally wrong he went on to say that the Watero Road actor was clearly better than the bottom four before stating that Krishnan 53 should have been bottom of the leaderboard James also gave credit for Luber’s week seven choreography as he really enjoyed their rumber to Dancing

On My Own by Callum Scott, I feel Adam was stitched up that’s my personal feeling and that is kind of the consensus that people are having on Twitter and social media the 45-year-old

Claimed there’s no way he should have been bottom of the leaderboard so if he was in the correct position on the leaderboard would he have ended up in the bottom too I think probably not elsewhere in the conversation James who appeared on eight consecutive seasons of strictly between 2006 and 2013 said that

Adam’s performance in the dance off was better than the veteran broadcasters let’s take into consideration that when they did their first one Angela and Kai were marked one

Mark was higher than Adam and Luba however when they did the dance-off she made a couple of small mistakes and at the end of the routine she was wobbling quite a bit I think everybody saw that no one mentioned it not one of the judges mentioned it because it’s almost like they want to get through let’s get

Angela to Blackpool however he he went on to claim that he doesn’t want to take anything away from the 79-year-old Stinton strictly and stated that he had been rooting for her and Kai 28 I’ve been rooting for them the whole way through saying that she deserves her

Place and she does deserve her place essentially because Shush is still great and she is 79 and I do take that into consideration however this week I felt it was just wrong James added the contestants are back in Action this Saturday as the remaining eight couples continue their campaign to Hoist the glitterball trophy

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