Friday, December 8, 2023

Gemma Atkinson shares ‘worst fear as a parent’ as she navigates ‘minefield’ of bullying

Gemma Atkinson passionately declared how shed deals with her worst fear is a parent by sharing a legendary line from a movie Gemma Atkinson’s baby son Thiago is barely 3 months old but

The fiercely protective mother is already envisaging what shed do if he was bullied taking to Instagram she shared video footage from the Rocky 5 movie featuring the star rushing to the defense of an injured man and quipping you knocked him down why don’t you try knocking me down this is going to be me if Tio ever

Gets bullied she told her 1.9 million followers adding it’s my worst fear as a parent can’t imagine the 38-year-old who is celebrating her birthday later this month added that as a mom of two kids under five the daunting Prospect of one of them getting bullied now regularly

Occupies her mind after sharing the video clip the former Strictly star added Jokes Aside though genuinely I think about it most days especially with Mia as shush is so sensitive time when I found out GA Marquez and I were having a boy one of my first thoughts was well at least Lads when

They fall out usually just have a scrap and then it’s all forgotten about girls can be manipulative can’t they in that they say horrible things to each other she added sympathetically in my experience typical bullies usually have a hard time at home so half of you feels for them

Christ, it’s a real minefield isn’t it no one warns you of this before becoming a parent what to do sick Gemma also shared footage of four-year-old Mia cing over her baby brother as she stood over his pram joking and soaking this time up before she couldn’t be a asterisk D with him meanwhile the hits radio star who is well known for her expertise as a

Fitness influencer has gently begun to ease back into her fitness program following the pain of her C-section I remember hobbling in out of bed holding my stomach as it was so painful to sit up naturally and having a cushion near me to squeeze onto my scar

If I was coughing or sneezing she recalled she added that shed even struggled to open the freezer door because the exertion painfully stretched her scar meaning that her mom or partner

Gorka usually came to the rescue Gemma shared footage of herself doing a cardio and glutes exercise session in her home gym this weekend in a bid to inspire other moms I’m still no near lifting what I was pre Thiago I’ve still a lot to do strength wise but

I’ll get there she declared to be honest it just feels great to be moving as 15 weeks ago I couldn’t see myself where I am today it’s crazy where our heads go after a baby she then added I hope this video inspires you a little and reminds you that your current situation isn’t your final destination keep going

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