Monday, December 4, 2023

Fern Britton shares health update as she’s spotted with walking stick after surgery

Television presenter Fern Britton has shared an update on her recovery from surgery after she sparked concern by using a walking stick Fern Brittain has shared that having to use a walking stick after

She underwent shoulder replacement surgery the English presenter previously shared on X formerly known as Twitter that she had started seeing a physiotherapist to help her new shoulder a month ago Fern posted a photo of herself on Instagram to her 123 th000

followers with her arm in a sling and revealed she had undergone surgery morning all shoulder replacements were done and a success she shared I can’t thank the staff at #s

Michaels # NHS Hospital in Halil Cornwall enough such care and kindness back home Barbara is in her doctor’s uniform and attending to me constantly she has since shared further

Health updates and uploaded a video of her cats whilst also revealing that she is using a walking stick the footage shows her two cats playing and fighting on the window sill with

Fern commented that Barbara and her older brother Dr mackerel are idiotic note physio Aids on the window ledge shoulder doing very well the aid she is referring to appears to be a wooden walking stick and a small dumbbell weight many of her followers flooded her with support in the comment

Section one person said there’s nothing quite like kitty entertainment glad you’re recovering speedily a second commented they’re both gorgeous and glad you’re progressing well a

third typed love the cats and hope you’re getting on well with the shoulder recovery x a fourth said they’re beautiful glad your shoulder is healing well Fern take care a fifth chimed in I love their personalities so funny to watch glad ou’re on the menend

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