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Judy Finnigan breaks silence on Chloe Madeley after split from James Haskell

At the end of October Chloe Madeley confirmed she and James Haskell had split after 5 years of marriage Judy Finegan broke her silence after her daughter Chloe Madeley split from her husband James Haskell while the presenter declined to speak about the split she did confirm

Chloe was good speaking in a new interview with PA Judy I appreciate what you’re asking but I’m not going to talk about Chloe except to say that she is fine

She’s good it’s not something I’m prepared to talk about because it’s not my business despite ending their marriage Khloe and James said they will continue to co-parent their baby daughter’s body in a joint statement shared to

Instagram Chloe said James and I mutually decided to separate at the end of September 2023 we had not planned on releasing a statement at this time certainly not while the television show was airing but constant speculation about our marriage has unfortunately forced our hand Beyond this statement

We will not be speaking about this matter publicly and we would request privacy at this time our sole Focus now is our beautiful daughter we shall continue to co-parent with nothing but love despite not being together Chloe and James continue to be part of each other’s lives and often share updates on social media

Chloe’s dad and Good Morning Britain presenter Richard midy has also remained tight-lipped about the split but he did still refer to James as his son-in-law in a recent appearance on the ITV show the comment came as Richard spoke with an entertainment correspondent

Richard Arnold about this year’s’m a celebrity get me out of here it is the early days I remember when my son-in-law James Haskell was in the jungle doing really well and Riding High in the poles and then

He lost it the ITV host said he got into a m massive Row in Camp and blew his stack and that was it was also recently reported that the fitness fanatic and former rugby star are set to reunite by making another series of their ITV reality show a TV Insider told the son Khloe and

James knows they’re onto a good thing and feels there’s no point in stopping even though they’re no longer together lots of people co-parent their children so they feel a new series could connect to even more people than before talks are Ono but both Chloe and James plus ITV are Keen to make it happen

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