Sunday, December 3, 2023

Chloe Madeley hits out at paparazzi in “blacked out vans” camped outside her home

Chloe Madeley has called the police multiple times to her home due to men in blacked out Vans camping outside her house the news comes just days after the star announced that she and her husband

James Haskell had split Khloe mid and James Haskell split on Saturday, October 28th Khloe and James issued a joint statement confirming that they had split the couple tied the knot back in 2018 and welcomed their first baby together last summer however just over a year on the birth of baby body

Chloe and James have announced that they secretly split back in September James and I mutually decided to separate at the end of September 2023 Chloe said in a statement we had not planned on releasing a statement at this time

Certainly not while the television show was airing but constant speculation about our marriage has unfortunately forced our hand she then continued

Beyond this statement, we will not be speaking about this matter publicly and we would request privacy at this time our sole Focus now is our beautiful daughter we shall continue to co- parent with nothing but love she then added Khloe hits out taking to Instagram yesterday

Tuesday, October 31st Chloe hit out at paparazzi parked outside her home in a story for her 288k followers to see issued the paps with a plea to the pap van camping outside my house I get it we’re in Hamstead Village

Almost daily you can wait for us there but I live in a very Jewish area and having three to four blacked-out Vans with men inside them waiting for hours at a time you are scaring my

Wonderful caring kind and concerned neighbors so much so that the police were called to my road multiple times today she then continued Please be aware of the times we are living in and respect the privacy and safety of a concerned community Thank you she then added James Haskell still living in family

Home earlier this week it was claimed that James was still living in the family home despite the couple’s split an unnamed Source made the claims whilst speaking to the mail online over the

Weekend James Haskell is still living at the family home in London he arrived back on Monday and was still there yesterday morning they said The Source added that Khloe’s friends were baffled that she hadn’t

Mentioned that she and James had split while promoting her new reality show Khloe mid a family affair it is all so weird and it all seems rather rum that Chloe did a round of interviews and talked very openly

About her life and the marriage but she failed to say that she and James had split despite her television show being all about her family life they said

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