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Bobby Brazier shares fears ahead of Argentine tango this weekend ‘I hope I’ve got that in my locker

Strictly star Bobby Braier has shared his fears for the upcoming live show as his next dance has now been revealed the East Ender star is partnered up with Diane Buzwell on the

Glitzy BBC 1 show so far the pair have been setting the Dance Floor on fire thanks to their routines and some fans have even tipped Bobby to take home the iconic glitterball trophy but it seems Bobby is feeling a tad apprehensive about his next rather passionate dance as he’s insisted

He’s only 20 I’m still a Boy Bobby Brazer shares fears for next Strictly dance Bobby and Diana appeared on the Strictly spin-off show It Takes Two on Monday, October 30th hosted by Flur East the pair revealed their next routine they will be dancing an

Argentine Tango to Saale by Awal Nation however Bobby revealed he’s a bit fearful of the iconic dance Flur Quist Bobby what are you looking forward to about the dance he replied this one there is a lot to it I think I’m still a boy says Strictly star

Bobby Bobby added but I’m excited to feel the feeling properly and get into the emotion and passion that a good Argentine Tango combines he then admitted I hope I’ve got that in my locker you know Flur

Started to giggle as she assured him I think it’s safely in there but Bobby wasn’t convinced he added I don’t know I’m only I’m still a boy Diane trying to maintain distance from

Bobby, it comes amid claims that Diane is trying to maintain some distance from Bobby the EastEnders actor has previously admitted he’s falling in love with the Australian dancer however according to body language expert Darren

Stanton Diane is trying to maintain some distance between herself and Bobby analyzing Bobby and Diane’s behavior during last weeks it takes two appears Darren noticed that some of

Bobby’s actions weren’t being reciprocated by Diane there were a few times when he looked at Diane a certain way which wasn’t reciprocated on her part he told us speaking on behalf of Bet Fair

Casino it’s clear she’s trying to maintain a certain degree of decorum and distance between them she’s very much in teacher-and-student mode he then added

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