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BBC Strictly’s Bobby Brazier addresses ‘stressful’ show first for Dianne Buswell

Strictly Come dancings Bobby Brazier took on an Argentine Tango last weekend alongside dance partner Diane Buzwell Bobby Brazier admitted last week’s Strictly Come Dancing training was stressful because

Diane Buzwell wasn’t well versed in the Argentine Tango speaking on Wednesday’s strictly spin-off show It Takes Two the duo talked about last week’s intense routine yeah you feel like you’re really putting on a performance host Janette Minara stated and it’s such a passionate dance how is it going from the rehearsal space into

The ballroom I think for me it’s actually I just take it up a level when that happens what would you say Bobby asked turning to

Diane yeah I would agree Diane replied I feel like you definitely always come to life on a Saturday night but also we had Leandro Palo and Maria catani all week and they’re so strict on the passion of it so even in the re rehearsal room

they were like we want more we want so it was really lovely to have them as our mentors for the week because they just know their stuff and they pay attention Janette remarked to like the smallest details

Diane agreed like where his hands are placed and where he should look it was it was really amazing because I have never really done Argentine myself either so I was learning as well as

Bobby that must have been a nice dynamic the two of you learning together Janette commented yeah it was really good I loved it Diane answered Bobby took a different view however and confessed I think it probably just made things a little bit more stressful as Janette and Diane laughed

Bobby continued but no I’m really impressed actually because you had to learn that for your first time you had to know what you were doing but also you had to teach me for my first time you know oh thanks Bobby Diane smiled as Janette remarked oh they’re good teammates aren’t they

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