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BBC Strictly Come to Dancing’s Bobby Brazier’s ‘Got to get serious’, judge warns

Strictly Come Dancing judge Mose has offered some valuable advice for the remaining contestants ahead of the BBC show returning tomorrow night Bobby Brazier and Diane Buzwell will be performing an Argentine Tango for week seven of Strictly Come Dancing

On Saturday evening judge Mimose had a thing or two to say about

When asked what she wanted to see from an Argentine Tango on Friday’s installment of It Takes Two on BBC 2 Moy explained with Argentine Tango the differences in the posture and what I wanted specifically from

Bobby is that every time he does a dance which is serious he kind of switches off the performance and you’re like Bobby what’s wrong he needs to understand to be strong and to know what he is doing he needs to lead in an Argentine

Tango he needs to be able to stay on top of it but at the same time perform so the projection of his eyes is always on Diane Diane Diane who who is a little bit smaller than him continued he needs to project somewhere else and put his posture in it and understand the intention and then do not hold

Back mzi said Bobby is free when he dances the Cha Cha Cha or a sber and told viewers H has got to get serious now Bobby opened up about performing the Argentine Tango to It Takes Two Host

FLIR East earlier this week alongside his professional partner Diane the 20-year-old said this one there is a lot to it I think but I am excited to feel the feeling properly and get into the emotion and the passion that a good Argentine Tango requires Flur who was a contestant on

last year’s series was added I am very excited I have to say however Bobby said he hoped he had what was needed for the passionate routine in his locker both Flur and Diane have faith in

The East Ender star who has been busy training in the studio for days he and Diane were placed sixth on the leaderboard for Halloween week after being awarded 30 points from the judges this weekend the duo will dance their Argentine Tango to the song sale by awal Nation

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