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BBC Strictly judges criticized for giving 10s ‘too early’ by show star

The 2023 series of Strictly Come Dancing has already witnessed a number of tens being awarded and some couples have made history on the BBC show former strictly Pro Brendan Car has

Said that the judges have awarded too many tens on the BBC dance show so far Strictly Come Dancing is preparing to head into its fifth week with last week being the highly anticipated

Halloween Fright Night Edition so far the celebrities have dazzled the judges with a rang of routines with a number of them being awarded a score of 10 however Brendan believes it’s too early for the judges to be awarding such high marks we haven’t yet seen many American

Smooths this season Adam Thomas scored seven 9 8 and eight from the judges a nine was too high for that dance he explained to Sky

Bingo it was a good number and he danced it very well there were a few marks that were in my opinion slightly off 31 for Ellie’s number closing the show it was a great number but it wasn’t a 10 TS at this stage just too early no one is perfect and it can always be a little

Better Leighton Williams and Nikita Kman did a fantastic number but it wasn’t tens because it wasn’t perfect Brendan Cole spent 15 Seasons as a professional dancer on Strictly Come

Dancing one couple who experienced a flurry of 10 is Leighton Williams and Nikita Kman the pair bagged an impressive 39 points out of a possible 40 after they performed an amazing salsa with an almost perfect

Score judge mimosa referenced time she spent in Cuba watching salsa and commented you guys I could just steal you and put you in that show head judge Shirley Ballers said you are both on the same page with the choreography Nothing ever looks ugly untidy in this style of dancing

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