Monday, December 4, 2023

Strictly star Annabel Croft would be ‘sobbing at home’ without the show following the death of her husband

Former tennis star Annabelle Croft has shared the news that she would be sobbing at home if she hadn’t signed up to do Strictly Come

Dancing the Telly star 57 admitted that her partner on Strictly Johannes rabby has been light in her dark times as she deals with the grief of losing her husband

Mel talking to Good Morning Britain presenters Ben Shepard and Charlotte Hawkins earlier today November 3rd Annabelle said that Strictly came at a very difficult time in her life after losing to cancer strictly news show helped

Annabelle with her grief Annabelle told Jojo it was a very dark time but you have brought so much light to my life honestly you have been an angel thank you GMBB host Charlotte then asked whether Annabelle felt the experience on

Strictly helped her to which she replied oh there is no question about it and I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have Strictly Come Dancing at this period of time it is incredible and I just wish I had it in my routine all the time she added said that the competition

became a distraction from the terrible grief she experienced after losing her husband Mel 60 Annabelle said so to get up in the morning and have a purpose rather than just sobbing at home even though that

still happens to be able to move your body to get things out as well it is incredible and I just wish I had it in my routine all the time the Telly star admitted that she is quite old now but her body is actually

in the best shape, it’s ever been I am quite old now I am 57 and my body is in the best shape it has ever been it is amazing what dance does this comes after Annabelle broke down in tears after she revealed plans to dance for her late husband this weekend Annabelle’s relationship with her beloved

Mel speaking to the Daily Male Annabelle revealed how she met her late husband at the age of 21 she said she received a text from her mom who asked her if she would be interested in filming a BBC program about yacht racing I’d never been on a yacht before

but it ended up with me aan Holmes and Peter Skellan going off to Gery to shoot a program where we learned how to race a yacht she said Mel who had just got back from

Australia after the America’s Cup was one of the yachtsmen and that is how we met she added Mel died in May just 16 weeks after receiving his cancer diagnosis

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