Thursday, December 7, 2023

Angela Rippon makes exciting Strictly announcement amid backlash over dance-off victory

Angela Rippon was at the center of backlash at the weekend when she sailed through the dance-off despite Strictly Come Dancing viewers complaining that she had made mistakes in her routine ripoff Britain host Angela Rippon has taken to X formerly known as

Twitter to announce that her strictly Journey won’t be ending anytime soon the 79-year-old TV presenter revealed she has been added to the lineup of the Strictly Come Dancing live tour Angela reposted stereo boards announcement which read things are hotting up on the at

BBC Strictly dance floor but the excitement doesn’t stop there the celebrity contestants on 2024’s scdor livecore tour have been revealed featuring at elik at the Angela Ren at Leon Williams and more sharing her enthusiasm over the prospect of touring with the BBC show

Angela tweeted I’m extremely excited to announce I’m going to be joining the Strictly live tour next year I’m having the best time and I’m grateful I get to extend this strictly journey into 2024 see you on tour at sdore live core tour it comes after

Angela faced criticism over her performance in the dance off which saw her voted through to the next week unanimously by the judging panel Angela’s Victory led to Adam Thomas and his partner Luba Mushuk being controversially eliminated from the competition many viewers complained about the result claiming

They had noticed mistakes in Angela and partner Kai Witton’s Walts during the dance off some fumed that Wo Road and Emodel actor Adam was robbed as his emotional rumber had trumped Angela’s routine following the backlash Angela and Kai appeared on the Strictly spin-off show it took two last night to discuss

During the eventful evening during the chat Angela admitted to host Flur East that she felt cross with herself over her performance Flur asked of the dance off how did it felt for you to be in that position

Angela oh it was really upsetting I was cross with myself I think the star admitted she continued yes because clearly I hadn’t done everything that Kai had been drumming into me during the week but at the same time I think as

I said on the program the upside to that is we get to dance through it again Angela went on to address her competition in the dance-off sharing I mean what was tough about it was of course Adam was such a lovely guy and we all absolutely adored him we’ve all become great friends and

So when you are the other person in the dance off you know you’re going to battle it out with someone who’s become a mate it’s tough it is tough

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