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BBC Strictly’s Amy Dowden in ‘heartbreaking’ update as viewers left in tears

BBC Strictly Come Dancing star Amy Dowden choked back tears as the professional dancer reflected on a tough year on channel 4’s standup to cancer Amy Dowden admitted it was tough being forced to go into menopause and

The fear of not being able to have children the Strictly Come Dancing star 33 discussed her extremely tough battle with breast cancer during Channel 4 stand up to Cancer on

Friday the BBC star joined presenter Vena Mall and gave further details about her breast cancer saying it was heartbreaking Amy said I had sepsis blood clots I’ve had to have hormone treatment then being put into menopause when I sat in that room and

The doctor said yes Amy you have cancer that was one stab and then what’s your fertility plans she continued I have an easen cancer and they need to shut my ovaries down basically and my husband is next to me and we’ve only been married a couple of months and it’s just heartbreaking and

That is something I never knew and the impact emotionally has just been so tough Amy was officially diagnosed with the disease in May when she found a lump in her right breast in April a day before she and her husband Ben Jones jetted off for a belated honeymoon to

The males after their wedding last July she added it has been the toughest year of my life but I am hoping with the surgery and chemo I have done enough Amy went on to deliver some good news as the dancer revealed she was due to undertake her last chemotherapy session next week viewers took to social media and praised the strictly Star as some were

In tears watching the fundraising program one tweeted R Amy bless her such a beautiful woman another commented you are such a strong Brave beautiful inspirational lady sending the most positive vibes your way terar emoji a third added him crying

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