Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen shares ‘pretty horrible’ update after Ravenseat closure

Earlier this year mom of nine Amanda Owen announced to her fans that she would be closing her Farm to members of the public before taking a social media

Hiatus Channel 5’s Amanda Owen has given fans a pretty horrible update on Instagram admitting how shush has been affected by the recent storm Kieran Amanda also known as the Yorkshire shepherdess was back online after weeks of silence and posted a series of photos of her children on

Raven Seat Farm in the Yorkshire Dales the a Yorkshire Farm star shared a post at the start of the month Penning being some pretty horrible weather hash stormson had to batten down the hatches but rain doesn’t stop work play sure as eggs is eggs the first photo showed two of her daughters enjoying themselves as they ran around outside collecting eggs on

the farm she also shared a second series of picks of the bad weather typing been raining cats dogs a whole week of rain wind plenty of mud # Yorkshire # weather rining many of her 535,000 followers were delighted to see Amanda’s return to

Social media and flooded her with support one person commented good to see you posting again Amanda seems like ages since we’ve had an update from The Dales sick a second chimed in Lovely to see your photos again glad to see you all got through

The storm a third said oh my word the girls are growing before our eyes XX miss seeing you all on TV XX sick earlier this year Amanda announced to her fans that she would be closing her Farm to members of the public and then didn’t post any social media content for months

She then returned at the end of September the reasons behind the closure of Raven, seat Farm are still relatively unknown the English presenter said in a statement Raven Seat Farm is closed to visitors until further notice so unfortunately, we are not serving cream teas thank you for your understanding

Amanda last year she also revealed that her marriage to her former husband Clive had ended after 21 years at the time she said in a statement Clive and I sad to confirm that we have made the difficult decision to separate

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