Monday, December 4, 2023

Amanda Holden gives husband Chris Hughes ‘free pass’ to date Strictly Come Dancing star

Amanda Holden has revealed her husband Chris Hughes has a free pass to dat to stunning Strictly Come Dancing star in a new insight into their marriage Amanda Holden has revealed her husband Chris Hughes has a free pass to date Strictly Come Dancing star Rachel

Riley the 52-year-old shared her husband’s Crush while speaking on Heart radio with Jamie Thon and Joe Wilkinson on Wednesday she explained you see that is my husband’s pink pass H has got a real thing for Rachel Riley I would allow him to take her out dock for a coffee her shocked co-hosts asked her

If she would be okay with Chris and Rachel kissing and cuddling but Amanda wasn’t having any of it she remarked you work out the maths before jokingly calling the countdown star a difficult woman Amanda quickly took back her joke and clarified it with no she is lovely Amanda and Chris tied the knot in 20 8 and they share two daughters Lexi 17 and

Holly 11 Meanwhile Rachel 37 married Pasha Koval 43 after the pair were partnered on Strictly Come Dancing together the pair share two children

Maven Aria Fre and one-year-old Noah Amanda recently shared the secret behind her 15-year marriage and said it’s important to have a good sense of humor and be able to spend quality time together

She said the couple has recently banned talking about work while enjoying one another’s company she said okay just last week Chris and I met up for lunch in a dog walk and we banned talking about work you need to invest in each other and remember what it was like before children before you had too much

Pressure on you the couple also love making plans with their two daughters and enjoying family time together Amanda explained that despite their hectic schedule she aims to spend as much time with her husband and children as possible

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