Thursday, December 7, 2023

This Morning presenters Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond announce Craig and Rochelle as the show’s new

This morning presenters Allison Hammond and Dermit O announced that Craig Doyle and Roselle Humes will be taking over the show next week Allison 48 who presented alongside Dermit today November 3rd shared some exciting news about the ITV presenting

shakeup taking place on the show next week it comes after Abby Clancy was tipped to replace Holly Willoughby permanently on This morning while closing the show Allison told viewers

Craig and relle would be presenting on Monday November 6th but this hasn’t gone down too well with the viewers who have already decided that Ryland Clark and Josie

Gibson are their favorite Duo fans react as this morning present us change again after Ryland and Josie hosted Monday to Thursday it seems fans of the show were hoping the arrangement would be made permanent one viewer wrote

Ryland and Josie were the ideal presenters and brought some class and warmth into the show keep them on just saw the last 10 minutes of it this morning and it’s just so Dreadful compared to what we’ve just had with at

Ryland and Josie’s tweet said another make them permanent presenters come on at this morning we know you read these another fan urged can’t you tutor a week on week off between Dermit and Allison another added tagging Josie and Ryland Craig’s a huge hit with viewers Craig Doyle did prove a huge hit with viewers last time he was on this morning though posting on Twitter after he completed his shift one said I want

Craig alongside a meme of a stroppy toddler throwing a tantrum relle sadly hasn’t gotten quite the same glowing feedback from critical this morning viewers another new pairing joined the

Show Elsewhere on the show the hosts revealed this morning is launching a brand new travel segment which will be hosted by none other than my mom your dad Stars Janie Smith and Roger

horse Allison revealed well we are very excited everyone’s buzzing here at this morning because you’ve got some news haven’t you you are going to be joining the team to which Dermit added I think

you’ll be doing some VTS maybe some little travelogs for us aren’t you Janie smiled and said I believe so yes Roger chipped in we were just really excited and then admitted how lovely it would be to have the duo part of the team Allison agreed yes welcome to this morning

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